Clemenger Group Recruitment

Following a review of recruitment procedures, costs and satisfaction ratings across the group, a decision was taken to launch Clemenger Group Recruitment in May 2014 in an endeavour to reduce the costs of recruitment and improve our outcomes.


job applications processed


staff placed in roles in 16 Clemenger Group Businesses


saved in recruitment costs

Initially, the service was limited to our Australian based businesses and the emphasis has been on roles other than creative staff.

We have three full time recruiters working within our businesses and a jobs board within the Clemenger Group website that advertises current roles and gives anyone interested in joining the Clemenger Group an opportunity to register their details with us.

After ten months, there is no doubt that the service has been successful:

  • We have processed 4647 job applications
  • We have placed 106 staff in roles in 16 different Clemenger Group businesses
  • We are filling roles on average in 28 days
  • We have saved our companies over $900,000 in recruitment costs

In the next 12 months we are planning to roll the service out to New Zealand and we have a number of improvements planned at the ‘back end’ of our service which will allow us to significantly strengthen our search intelligence and capability.

Clemenger Group Graduate Program

For several years now we have been running formal graduate programs in Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand. Each of these programs had their own branding and took a similar, but not identical approach.

From the 23 graduates who participated in our program in 2014, 18 are now employed by Clemenger Group companies

In 2014 we brought the Sydney and Melbourne programs together under one brand and we created a new section within the Clemenger Group website promoting two Graduate programs – one for Australia and one for New Zealand. This enabled us to more easily promote the program and it made it easier for graduates interested in finding out about our graduate opportunities.

Highlights from our 2014 programs include:

  • 71 applicants in Sydney, 8 graduates selected, 7 employed in Clemenger Group companies at the end of the program
  • 65 applicants in Melbourne, 5 graduates selected, 4 employed in Clemenger group companies at the end of the program
  • 99 applicants in New Zealand, 10 graduates selected, 7 employed in Clemenger Group companies at the end of the program
  • Clemenger Group Graduate program named by The Australian newspaper as one of the country’s top 50 programs and the highest ranked program in the communications category.

Our thanks go to the many people across our companies who contribute to making the graduate programs a success, in particular Claire Tenzer in Melbourne, Deb Muddell and Cate Stuart-Robertson in Sydney and Margot Chandler in New Zealand.

Staff Fund

The Clemenger Group Staff Fund is a brilliant way to do a lot of good with just a little effort.

The Group established the Staff Fund in 2008 with a $100,000 donation – and since then, we have matched all contributions made by staff.

We believe in the power of creativity to transform businesses and we also believe in the power of creativity to do good. The Group established the Staff Fund in 2008 with a $100,000 donation – and since then, we have matched all contributions made by staff.

It’s simple. Contributions are taken from pre-tax salary – so everyone gets a good deal – for every $10 donated, the fund gets $20, and it costs the individual $6.90.

We then pool all contributions and give grants to a wide range of local, under-the-radar charities and organisations – but they all have one thing in common – they harness the power of creativity to help people.

This year we gave grants to the following diverse and wonderful organisations:

The Sydney Story Factory. A not-for-profit creative writing centre for young people. Volunteer tutors offer free help to write stories of all kinds, which they then go on to publish. The programs are designed to build confidence, literacy & creative thinking ability in kids of all ages.

Heaps Decent. Music focused organisation that works with young people and emerging artists from marginalised and disadvantaged communities, providing role models and a means by which they can tell their story in their own way. Our money has funded what they call HOME BASE. A production hub run every week in partnership with the Redfern Community Centre.

I-Manifest. These guys work with disadvantaged and rural teenagers – and through work shops and live projects help them to discover and then pursue a career in the creative industries.

Ardoch. A local foundation that partners with schools to ensure children “fit in” by offering programs of Literacy and Music, breakfasts at school, and other such incentives that promote the Founder‘s intent of “keeping kids in school”. We contributed to their “Breakfast Clubs” in Sunshine and Corio.

ACF. Offers support of children living in particularly fragile environments. While Ardoch serves to stimulate children, ACF serves to protect children, a sad reality for all Australians. We contributed to their counselling program of “Music and Dolls”.

The more people donate, the more grants we can afford. If you work for the Group and are interested in contributing please talk to your Payroll Manager.